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How to apply Fake Nails (The FAB Nails)?

1. Choose the 10 nail sizes that best fit your fingernails. 


2. Get the Glue or Double Sided Adhesive out of the box and put it on. 

  • If you have double sided adhesive, put the adhesive on top of your nails. It is very important to cover the full length of your true nail with adhesive as this will be a big factor how long the fake nails will stick on to your true nails. Ensure that your true nail has full coverage of the adhesive. 
  • If you have liquid glue, put the liquid glue underneath the fake nails. Don't put it directly to your true nails. (If irritation occurs, stop the application and rinse your nails with water.) Liquid glue gets dried up easily, so it is important to press the fake nails on to your nail bed as soon as you put the glue on. This is a big factor how long will the fake nails stick on to your nail bed. The drier it gets before application, the more it easily falls off. 
  • If you have Press On Nails (Double-sided adhesive underneath the fake nails), peel off the plastic covering of the adhesive.

3. Press it on immediately for 20 to 30 seconds with tolerable pressure. 


4. Do this procedure to all of your 10 Nails. 

5. Voila! You have an instant Salon-Like Nails. 


NOTE: The FAB Nails lasts longer depending on the glue/adhesive application. Some say it lasts for two weeks, some just a few hours. Your application will be a big factor for longer lasting fake nails. 


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